Here we go again. Another Fallout. Note that this is leading up to the big one. The big 4. Figure that one out.


Please note that most screenshots in this post have a blue UI, simply because I have picked blue, because I don’t like the default amber and green looks too much like Fallout 3. Don’t have a hissy over that.


Fallout: New Vegas is possibly one of the greatest Fallout games ever made. Including Fallout 4. The thing I love about Fallout: New Vegas (Lets just call it Fallout NV from now on), is how heavilly your stats effect the gameplay. There are quests that you are supposed to get fairly early on, but if you’d have just waited until the near end of the game when you have higher stats, you would have completed it differently. This could mean a higher amount of caps you recieve at the end or it could mean that you finished it just ethically better. I think I might quote a Steam review for Fallout 4 to show you what I mean.

A baby is drowning in the lake:

Fallout 1
Ask for more information
Agree to help
Decide not to help
Accidentally say something that pisses the NPC off, failing the quest
Reveal too much information about yourself, causing the Super Mutants to track your vault more easily

Fallout 2
Ask for more information
Agree to help
Decide not to help
Accidentally say something that pisses the NPC off, failing the quest
Pop culture reference about the baby

Fallout 3
Yes, I will save the baby
Depends on the caps
I will not save the baby
[Intelligence] The baby is drowning

Fallout New Vegas
I will save the baby
I will not save the baby
[Barter 30] Double the caps and I’ll save the baby
[Medicine 30] Thanks to my medical knowledge, I will easily be able to save the baby
[Survival 15/30] Uh… yeah, I totally know how to swim

Fallout 4
No (Yes)
Sarcastic (Yes)
Hate babies

– Y a g i, Fallout 4 Steam review, 2015

I don’t mean to steal anyones reviews or anything, but this person has just explained so perfectly why I love this game. Ok, so it’s graphics are terrible, even for it’s time, and it’s buggy, because, well, you know, Bethesda, and it’s sometimes a little dull, but I really enjoy it. It’s dark humor, witty writting, clever storytelling, and the fact that, unlike most games since Half Life, it actually has an engaging story. I mean, that’s not a lot to ask, but I almost never find a game where I actually care about the story. Now that might be true for Fallout 3, but I can’t remember and it’s made by Bethesda so it dosen’t work any more. Now, don’t get me wrong, this game has it’s flaws. More on that in…



The image you see above is the greatest image known to man. Just take a minute to study it.


For all you too dim to figure it out, the dog has no eyes. In it’s eyesockets at least. It’s eyes are actually floating just off the side of it’s head. I guess you could say…

It’s got eyes in the back side of it’s head. I’m going to kill myself now.

This odd occurence seems to happen consistently, whenever I shoot this dog in the face in VATS. Even if I end up killing it with such a blow, it still has eyes on the side of it’s head. I can then proceed to pick up the now ripped off head and flail it around the place, before being killed by the owner of the dog, once the terrible AI figures out I just shot their dog in the face.

Your going to buy this game and shoot every single dog that looks anything like this in the face, just so you can recreate this, aren’t you? Well, don’t worry, this dog is pretty early on.

As for some other bugs, heres a gallery thing, along with some music you should play in the background while watching:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Thanks Bethesda.


If all the good gameplay that I’ve mentioned plus hillarious glitches dosen’t make you want to buy this, I would immediatley go and get a life if I were you. On the less mean side of things, I also want to just mention some of the things which Fallout: NV didn’t change from Fallout 3, but still is worth mentioning. But before I do, I just want to mention that you can happilly play this game with no prior knowledge of the Fallout series, and that it’s kinda got it’s own story branching off the idea of Fallout.

So, there are terminals in Fallout: NV, which are computers with insider story information. These computers can also, on rare occasions, activate mechanisams. Sometimes, the terminals are locked with a password, and you need to play basically a word game to figure out what the password is. Also, the game has had rare crashes, but as long as you quicksave every now and then, you should be fine, it’s way more stable than Fallout 3.



I should probably put a picture here. I can’t though. My computer had a hissy. I lost all my screenshots. Sorry about that. Anyway, you got a slideshow, that’s good enough isn’t it?





New thing! I now have little comments after each stat. Also, Story is now a stat, and polish is now only worth 10. I also have decided that I can now go over the maximum in incredibly rare occasions.

Gameplay – 18/20
This game is seriously some of the most fun I’ve had in ages. Honestly.

Graphics – 5/10
The graphics are the same as Fallout 3, which was released a while before this, but even Little Big Planet, which was released on the same year as Fallout 3, had better graphics. Here’s what I mean

Polish – 8/10
The only reason the game has this score is because when compared to Fallout 3, which it’s built off, it’s like comparing a can opener to a toothpick as utensils to open a can of tuna.

Concept – 3/5
It’s not an original idea, I mean it’s a Fallout game, it’s part of a series, it’s not gonna score too high here.

Story – 4/5
I didn’t get too hooked to the story, but I can see that there’s been a lot of work gone into it, and I appreciate that.




[Above average to Great]

[The things in the square brackets go off this scale:

Terrible – Meh – Below Average – Average (50%) – Above Average – Great – Fantastic – GOTY]