This is a rewording of a Reddit comment I made that ended up a bit long, so don’t expect it to be as formal as some other posts here.

I have Humble Monthly, and I’ve gotta say, I’ve been pretty lucky. First bundle I got was the Mad Max one, which got me dissapointment only in Fran Bow and 1993, wheras all the other games were either fantastic or alright games. Next month we got Rocket League, which is fantastic, and I had no disapointments in June, even the WayForward Cat Girl game was ok, and even if I only end up ever playing the Forest for a few hours with my friend who has Humble Monthly, it’s still a good game.

Then there was July. Oh fuck. I knew it’d be bad if Hurtworld is the way they were advertising it. We got Hurtworld, which as I’ve said is terrible to me as I’m not a fan of survival games, then we got Avernum, which is a good attempt, but I think it’s target audience is from 15 years ago, kinda feels weird when surrounded by the previous game , then we got A FUCKING PREMIUM PASS THING FOR A MOBILE PORT OF A CARD GAME WHEN WE COULD GET SOMETHING LIKE HEARTHSTONE FOR FREE AND NOT HAVE IT FULL OF MOBILE SHIT! The only big redeemer from July is Kentucky Route Zero, whch is truely a brilliant game, and maybe TIS-100 combined with Satellite Reign is ok, but this is something I hate, we got The Red Solstice, which in itself isn’t a bad game, but isn’t it shockingly similar to Satellite Reign? Then come to think of it, Avernum is also a top down game with a much slower pace compared to all the other games that Humble Monthly has offered in the past, kinda the odd one out next to all the other games we’ve been getting.

All in all, I think that Humble Monthly should be more moderated instead of just taking whatever company says yes to them. Go find a game everyone’s going to like, for example Just Cause 3 or Fallout 4, and beg the creators to let you put it in. Avalanche is apparantly all for it as proven with Mad Max, so JC3 is a picker. Also, the main game doesn’t need to be a AAA title, I’d be happy if it was something like Black Mesa or Shadow Warrior, as long as it’s a good game. Yes, games are subjective like any other art form, but really, there is a rather large barrier between games people want to be the big game and the games people don’t want to be the big game. They did a survey recently, but I think they should do a survey where people build their own monthly bundle, and the games people put in their bundle the most they should look into, or just try the games out and use your own moderation. I’d rather have a bundle filled with good indie games then a bundle with one or two AAA games and 4 meh sort of games.

You have one more chance Humble. I will unsubscribe if the next months early unlock is anything stupid, unless every single game aside from CoD we get this month is fantastic.

Also, I thought I should mention, the CoD game we’re getting requires a ridiculous 60 GB OF SPACE. Thanks console ports for always being nice and compressed.