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Hi, [INSERT_YOUR_NAME_HERE], SUPERHOT is one of the most innovative shooters I’ve seen in years!

Anyone who’s finished the game just groaned. But seriously, this game is one of the funnest games I have ever played. And trust me, I don’t often say that. I mean, I feel more commpelled to review games that are fun, so you’ll probably hear that a lot, but I also feel compelled to review terrible games, so you probably won’t hear it as often in those senarios.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ll know that SuperHOT is an FPS where time moves only when you move. You know how people wanted a game that nailed feeling like you were in the matrix? Well, this is the game that nails the feeling that you are in the matrix. And I’m pretty sure the devs know that just by the replays at the end of levels that play out in realtime.

One of the things that I love about this game is how simple it is. Most games these days have about 4 weapons that do the same thing. I’m fine with lots of weapons, but if you’re going to have lots of weapons, copy Half Life and make every weapon unique. This game has 4 weapons, the pistol, the shotgun, the assault rifle, and the katana, which is basically an instakill melee weapon. Every bullet instakills. This is perfect. You could add more, but do you really need to?

You can’t make more powerful weapons, because every weapon instakills anyway, and you can’t make less powerful weapons, because you don’t have health. Rockets or grenades would kinda ruin the aesthetics and overall feel, sniper rifles will break up the gameplay too much and just wouldn’t work, and the assault rifle eliminates the need for a machine gun or SMG, and the pistol acts as a rifle. It just does what it does best.



People complain about how short this game is. I beg to differ. The game lasts about 2-3 hours to beat, but then you unlock Challenge mode and Endless mode. Playing the game in Katana Only mode makes the game completly different, and if you manage that, try Ghost mode, or there’s a mode for if you want the game to feel more like the original. Then you can just get an infinite amount of SUPERHOT in endless mode. And yes, it’s $25, but you get a discount key to give away for the game once you finish it. As always, you can just wait for a sale if you don’t feel like paying the full $25.

The game has one big new feature that the original demo didn’t have, and that is Hotswitching. Essentially, Hotswitching is the ability to swap with an enemy. It’s well balanced,  because you need to wait for it to charge up before you can use it, and whoever you hotswitch into drops their weapon. This adds a whole new concept into the game, and pumps much more life into the game then just the main concept ever could.



The game’s menu is an old school DOS style computer, which works very well in tune with the story and overall game style. Although I do think this could work better in the ways of controls. The arrow keys change selection, and the enter key selects it, which is a bit awkward to get used to. You can use the mouse to pick an option, but it doesn’t quite feel right. If they’d done a WSAD for selection, E for confirm, and TAB for back, then that might work quite well. But at this point I’m just making up complaints.

I like the little aesthetic choices they made. If you look very closely, all the red dudes have a diagonal line pattern on them going to the left, wheras the environment has a similar pattern going in the opposite direction. Another thing is that shooting your pistol starts the crosshair spinning, and once it’s spun 90 degrees, you can shoot again. This is a great way of telling the player how long they have until they can shoot again without straying from the minimalist theme. When you die, the whole level glitches up around you. Winning a level is very satisfying; it replays the entire level at realtime speed, showing off how badass you were. However it does show that the animations are designed for slow motion.


Gameplay – 16/20

The only reason this score isn’t higher is because the price tag is a tiny bit much.

Graphics – 9/10

Sure, it’s not next gen with ultra realistic facial animations and whatnot, but it’s absolutely perfect in the style, and I don’t think next gen bells and whistles would really improve the graphics that much.

Polish – 9/10

Didn’t encounter a single glitch, but the sound effects sometimes have a bit of an issue in loading screens.

Concept – 5/5


Story – 3/5

Great story, but it does tend to force it on you a bit much.