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Welcome to my crappy website which no one cares about. Here you’ll find game reviews mostly, but also you’ll find stuff about my games that I make, and even stuff about music that I’m listening to.

I guess I’ll tie in an FAQ here.

What sort of games do I review?

All sorts, 99.9% PC games. However, there are a few types of games I won’t even look at, like platformers that aren’t made by Nintendo I usually don’t play, and even Nintendo games I usually only play the really old classics like Super Mario Bros. on NES. Mostly though, FPSs are my thing. And then I don’t really like Multiplayer FPSs. But most PC gamers will find something here.

Also, I love Indie games. They are mostly better than AAA games, like SuperHOT I love the $#!7 out of.

What sort of games do I make?

Usually I’ll only make a prototype for a game if I think the idea is clever and innovative. Otherwise I just don’t bother. Most games that I get closer to finishing are the sort that have lots of different things to do, like open world games, or games that are easy to make levels for, like puzzle games and casual games. Mostly, my games will be first put on here in a sort of dev update type thing. I also do #screenshotsaturday on Twitter when I can.

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There are some internet dwellers from the land of Dec_bot who speak of an ancient post type known as: The music post (Orchestra starts going up). This sacred relic is a post which has a usually random track from a random person that the said Sir Dec_bot is listening to.

It is said that the final music post will be named: The MusicbornFUS ROE DAH!!!!

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