Review Information

So mainly this page is to help you understand the scoring system. First, I rate the gameplay, graphics, polish, concept, and story. Then, I add them together and double the number I get. Under each “stat”, I have a comment on why it recieved the score it did. I can also go over the max for each stat, but only in incredibly rare occasions. I then convert the percentage to a rating out of ten, then I put it in words, based on this scale:

Terrible (0-25)

Meh (25-35)

Below Average(35-45)

Average (45-55)

Above Average (55-65)

Great 65-80

Fantastic (80-90)

GOTY (90+)

If a game recieves 85-90, it recieves a Dec_bot silver award. 90+ and it recieves a Dec_bot gold award, and the games that I really enjoy I give the Dec_bot Platinum award, which I decide on, and I can give this award to games no matter what their rating is.